- Developed the following Bachelor project: Ricardo Batista and Pedro Rodrigues, “Maintenance 4.0 - VR / AR”, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, 2018;

- Following the Project Based Learning methodology, undergraduate students were integrated within the UC of Multimedia Technologies of the Computer Graphics and Multimedia Engineering course in solving tasks within the project, such as: environment modelling; visualization tests in Augmented Reality; study of real-time data visualization platforms;

- Development of Models, Prototypes and computational applications.

- Developed the model of the machine under study (2D and 3D), to support and / or training of maintenance interventions using augmented reality.

- Prototypes for sensing the machine's environmental and operational parameters.

- Collection of information related to defects identified in the parts after visual inspection;

- Data analysis using machine learning techniques to predict the occurrence of failures 5 minutes in advance;

- Visualization and real-time monitoring of product quality and machine operating condition;

- Intelligent support system for maintenance technicians when performing maintenance procedures using ICT and augmented reality technologies.

- Master Thesis:

Portugal 2020